Hunter Hideaway Farm Quorrobolong - Wedding - Ben & Lacee Getley - Part One

Photography - Kristen Clapham Photography
Assistant - Bianca Marshall
Makeup (and Bride's Hair finish) - Kimidoll Makeup Artistry
Hair - Tanya Burgess
Bridal Bouquet & Floral Tiara - Blooms and Twine Floral Studio
Celebrant - Hunter Valley Celebrations
Ceremony & Reception Location - Hunter Hideaway Farmstay
Music/DJ - Jeff from Wedding Specialist DJ's

Ben said as soon as he saw her, he knew she was then one...  story goes, Lacee played a little hard to get but Ben is a determined human being so we could say the rest is history but....

It took a spell in New Zealand and the veil of love to fall gently and beautifully for these two to be promised to one another...

Not only is there a raw and palpable feeling of genuine love between these two (spend a few minutes with them and it makes your eyes well with tears) but to be around them and their family and friends, soon make you realise that their love for one another is magnified a hundred fold.

Friends and family gathered the week before the Wedding to make Hunter Hideaway Farmstay (the proud owner being Lacee's gorgeous Auntie Vicki Birt), to create the dream wedding for this gorgeous couple...

Ben's impeccable taste (including Lacee's loving enhancements) were a joy to capture... 

Beautiful Lacee had chosen details for the boys that represented her feelings for each of them...  a personal representation of the love she feels for each and every one of them

Ben's Groomsmen were aaaaaallllll over it...  tying ties and ironing. Have to apologise right here...  Men... domestic duties...  the END...  girls??  You know what I mean, right??

Having to share the mirror with the best man...  we get that... (apparently gel is still a thing...  there was discussion around mousse...  still to be clarified...  we'll let the boys sort that out)

Thankfully, I came from a solid Gaming/Movie background where I knew THIS main man should feature today...  If only I could be part of (most importantly keep up with in) the LAN sessions these guys love so much....

The joy of working with someone so"in touch" with photography meant that this boy knew when it was his time to be in the spot light and there was no  'dissing the photographer' with this Groom [so grateful]

The gorgeous Mother of the Groom (and her boys), Cheryl Getley


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