Baerami Hall - Wedding - Jessica + Jack Cruickshanks

Photography - Kristen Clapham Photography
Assistant/Second Shooter - Sheri Court-Kriesch
Makeup - Geenie Fuiono
Hair - Aprille Fuiono

Celebrant - Father Colvin Ford
Ceremony & Reception Location - Baerami Community Hall
Event Stylist - Jane Fuiono
Cake Supplied by Sugar Entice by Micharla Thieke
Flowers Supplied by Elegant Designs by Naedene 
Wedding Dress Supplied by Shazzam Toronto - Wedding & Bridal Specialist
Bride's Getting Ready Location - The Old Dairy Bed & Breakfast

The Wedding of Jessica Fuiono and Jack Cruickshanks was an amazing vintage inspired affair set in the countryside surrounding Mt Dangar.  Their Ceremony and Reception was held at the Baerami Community Hall on Bylong Valley Way.  

The story goes…  Jessie came home to Mum and Dad one night, after work and said, “Mum and Dad, I think I’ve met “the one”” and she wasn’t wrong!  Jessie and Jack are made for each other, the love that shines between the two is infectious and wonderful.  Surrounded by their beloved friends and family, Jessica, Jack and Nixon Cruickshanks became a family.

The Wedding details chosen by the couple were significant for so many reasons, namely – Baerami Community Hall was the place that Jessie’s grandparents used to gather for the town dances held there.  There was no better place to hold a Wedding Ceremony and Reception.  So much charm in a beautiful setting.  Jessie’s Mum, Jane, worked tirelessly to make the day perfect for her daughter and the Reception details were absolutely outstanding.


Father Colvin Ford had married Jessie’s parents and came out of retirement for her special day.  He conducted a beautiful personal ceremony and also lovingly said Grace before Jessie and Jack’s first dinner together as husband and wife.


One of the most heart-warming features was Jack’s late father’s Harley Davidson parked front and centre during the ceremony, with his photograph and a button-hole flower sitting proudly in the seat.   It was a special token of love to remember his father and to have him stand by his side on his Wedding Day.  So beautiful. 

As if that wasn’t special enough, Wollemi National Park was chosen for the Bridal Portraits (and what amazing scenery there was!!) because Jack took Jessie bushwalking there in the early days of their relationship.  It is said that Jessie wasn’t too impressed to start with until she experienced the view from the top.  I wish we’d all had more time to make the trip up the trail for the Bride and Groom shots…  How about we do that one day, Jessie?  A first anniversary shoot, perhaps?


I asked Jessie & Jack to share some thoughts about their special day...

1.  How did you two meet and fall in love?
     Jessie "I was working at a pub and Jack stalked me every day... LOL  We were inseparable
     from the day we met."

2.  What was most important to you when you were planning your wedding? 
      Jack "keeping Jessie happy"

3.  What was the inspiration for your wedding theme? 
     I wanted something beautiful and elegant, Jack wanted a big party in the bush, so we tried
     to meet half way (and I think we did pretty well!)

4.  What is your most favourite memory of the day?

     Jessie- seeing Jack at the end of the aisle and going for photos after the ceremony.
     The ute ride was so much fun!
     Jack- Seeing Jess walk down the aisle, and the ute rides. 

5.  How will you describe the feeling you had on your Wedding Day to your future self and your children?
     I was super overwhelmed. So excited but so nervous. I just remember wanting to catch up
    with everyone but there wasn't enough time in the day!
    But over all couldn't have been happier with how the day went. It was absolutely perfect!

6.   What advice do you have for a Bride & Groom reading this, right now, before their Wedding Day?
      Jack to grooms - keep your bride happy. Hahaha
     Jessie - remember it's about you and your husband to be. Take a breath and enjoy every minute

     of the day because it does soooo fast.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Cruickshanks for allowing Sheri and I to spend this beautiful day with you, we loved every single minute of it.


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