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Well I've tried to start this blog post a myriad of ways...  I tried to write about how busy I've been - but who cares, right?  We're all busy!  I then thought I'd write about the importance of taking time out from our crazy lives - but it just sounded 'ho-hum' - so I thought I'd share how I choose to relax when it all goes awry...

First of all....  Schedule it in!!  Get out your diaries (go on, you've got one on your phone - my Husband put a Planner on the wall - so we can both see where we're up to) and make TIME!!
  1. Cooking.  I love to spend hours in the kitchen, especially when I've got family and friends to cook for.
  2. Sleeping.  This is my favourite thing - I could really be in danger of sleeping my life away.
  3. Yoga.  There's something about the breathing, stretching, meditation and the Savasana at the end (see No. 2 Sleeping)
  4. Spending time with my Family and Friends (see No. 1 Cooking)
  5. Snuggling with my cats - there's something deeply relaxing about that unconditional love
  6. Having at least one night a week to spend on the couch, watching DVDs with my Husband
  7. Reading.  This year I plan to read more.  I'll share my top ten favourite books (when I've read them, of course)
  8. Laughing.  When it all gets a bit much - I watch a series of Dharma & Greg, Will & Grace or Black Books.  All great comedies.
  9. Escaping.  There's some great cooking shows that combine travel.  I dream of traveling more, but until then - I watch Rick Stein (Mediterranean Escapes, Far Eastern Odyssey, Spain and India), Jamie Oliver (everywhere he goes) and anything with Italy in it
  10. Having a glass of wine and a few laughs with my Husband on a sunny afternoon....

However we relax, whoever we relax with and when is of no consequence...  so long as you take time to do it.

Let me know how you relax - so I can get some more pointers on how it should be done...

Take care gorgeous people!!!

Love, much love...  Kristen xxxx


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