How to - Get the best Photographs on your Wedding Day - Lighting and Timing

Getting the LIGHT right – WHY is this important on my Wedding Day?

If you want beautiful Wedding photos (and I'm pretty sure you do), this is a pretty darned important aspect, when you're planning your Wedding Day.

I considered myself VERY lucky, as a Photographer, to be have been able to choose the best light that suited both our photographer (Tanya D'Herville Photography) and OUR "vision" for the day... (which included a "FIRST LOOK" scenario...  if you don't know what that is...  check out the link to our Wedding Day...  The First Look

But most people aren't that informed...  SO...  here's some hints and tips!!!

As light changes throughout the day (take notice of the difference in early morning, noon and late afternoon), it's also different from Season to Season (Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn).

(this image was taken on a clear day in the middle of Winter)
 The best light can be seen in the cooler months (April, May, early September and October).  They provide the most amazing light, because it's much softer than the harsh daylight of the hot months of the Southern hemisphere (usually late November, December, January & February).

However, don't despair - the lighting during these hotter month's is most beautiful at the very beginning and the very end of each day, so it’s all about timing.  That's right!  Timing.

(this image was taken late afternoon in October - notice the soft warm glow)

When planning your Wedding Day - discuss the time of the Ceremony, your vision and the time of year with your Photographer - so that you're all on the same page.  For instance, if you want great Sunset shots after a twilight Ceremony in the middle of Winter - you'll have to think again.  Once you've got through a 30 to 45 minute Ceremony, the sun is long gone and there's no Daylight Savings, either.

Time your Bridal shoot for mid to late afternoon but to get the special photographs - schedule time with your photographer about 30 minutes before sunset and 15 to 30 minutes after sunset to capture the "Golden Hour".  All photographers love this time of day and some of the best photos are taken in this magical, beautiful and soft light that heralds the end of the day. Plus, you and your Wedding Party won't be fighting over the shade - and you'll be more comfortable in the layers of clothes we find ourselves wearing on this special day.

(Notice the beautiful sun-flare of the late afternoon sun)

In summary, talk to your Photographer - show them sample images of what you like and they'll be able to advise you the best time of the Wedding Day for your portraits.

This forward planning will help you get images of the Wedding Day, that you will treasure forever...

(this image was taken early afternoon on a beautiful Winter's Day)

If you have something to add - or want to know more...  drop us a line in the comments below!!  I'd love to hear from you

Stay beautiful, people!!

Love, Kristen xxxx


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