Muswellbrook Train Station Engagement Shoot - Isaac + Catherine

"When two kindred spirits meet and fall in love, joy ensues and laughter follows...."

Date | 18.10.2015

Location | Muswellbrook Train Station

Styling | Sheri Court-Kriesch, Isaac Kriesch & Catherine Elliot

When I was asked to photograph these two, I felt truly blessed!

I've know Isaac since he was a young boy and now, a young man, he has grown into a remarkably amazing human being - a credit to his parents, both here and in Tasmania.

But the excitement escalated when we found he'd proposed to another very beautiful human being, and she'd said YES, and they're getting married in Launceston, Tasmania in November 2016!

These two are kindred spirits.  They flow like the crystal clear waters of a mountain brook and are just as bubbly.  Catherine's easy laughter and loving demeanor make her the perfect match for Isaac, and we're glad.

I'm so very excited....  no, ELATED...  to have been chosen as their Wedding Photographer!  This is going to be an AMAZING day (and my first time in Tasmania!!)

Bring on November, 2016!!!


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