Personal - Marilyn + George's 50th Wedding Anniversary - 2015

In 1965, my Aunty Marilyn and Uncle George got married. They have just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary and what an amazing day, it was. Surrounded by their friends and family, we shared lots of laughs and listened to some great stories.

Uncle George was born in Australia and migrated to New Zealand when he was very young. He met Marilyn Stanaway soon after and they were married. Two years later my cousin Corinne was born and they were a family. I only learned this on the day, but Corinne’s younger sister Adrianne came as a bit of a surprise, but I’m so glad she did. Both girls are fun, loving and the most caring souls I know.

Aunty Marilyn and Uncle George are a very down to earth pair and don’t like much of fuss, but that’s what they got (because they SO deserve it). Organised by their very loving daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, people came from far & wide (including Perth) to share the happiness.

Held in the town of Stillwater, a quiet and picturesque spot in the North Island of New Zealand – we partied (and sang) until late.

I’ll never forget that day – and the “well, I’ll be buggered” from both my Aunty and Uncle when I surprised them with my visit.

I was so happy, because I got to see BOOPT in the flesh… and she is beautiful...

And spending time with my magnificent family...  relaxed and enjoying each other...  we can be crazy...  but we're AWESOME!!!

I loved being here, in this moment, at this time...  I want to go back and do it all again...  with my Whanau....  100%  True, aye bro?

I love them all very much


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