Lovedale Long Lunch - 2015

Date | 16.05.2015

Location | Lovedale, NSW

So there we were – 8:30am and looking to embark on our first Lovedale Long Lunch. Our resplendent hostess, Morgana Gidley-Baird tapping her watch forcefully and herding the last of us onto the bus ready to head off to the Wine Country.

We’d heard so many stories of this weekend in May. As most of the past years have coincided with the inaugural Scone Cup – not all of them were warm memories – but all in all, it was positive.

So we decided to see for ourselves….   We made friends in the long lunch line…..    And, we made friends in the long toilet line….

 In conclusion – I hope this is the first of a long line of Lovedale Long Lunches for the Claphams… It was absolutely brilliant…


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