The First Look Scenario on your Wedding Day


Have you ever wondered why it’s ‘bad luck’ for the Groom to see the Bride before the Wedding?

In the pages of history the majority of marriages were arranged and considered a business deal between families.

The father of the bride carefully chose an influential and ‘well-to-do’ match for his daughter, however, there was always the fear that if the Groom met the Bride before the Wedding, he’d find her unattractive, possibly calling off the wedding (casting shame on her family). This was the primary reason a Bride and Groom never saw each other until the Ceremony (so the Groom had no opportunity to change his mind).

This is also why the veil was so important.—he didn’t get to see his wife-to-be until the VERY last minute.

Fast forward to TODAY:

Thankfully the modern Bride and Groom have known and loved each other for quite a while—their families are mutually on board with the Wedding Day—and it’s a celebration of love.

But it is still commonplace for Brides not to want their Groom to see them before the Ceremony—BUT… (DRUM ROLL.....) have you ever considered the FIRST LOOK?

How does a First Look work?

As per tradition, you both still get ready separately.

When you are both are ready, we arrange for the Groom to be at a designated (and special) place at a specific time.

You, the Bride will gently walk towards your Groom. He’ll have his back turned to you and then, once you’re (so very, very close), he’ll turn around to BEHOLD you… 

You in your most perfect moment… a MOMENT that is just YOURS… NOBODY else's… the most TREASURED moment of your lives… experiencing each other, intimately… on this, your beautiful Wedding Day…

Here is MY first look (from my own Wedding Day) photographed by Tanya D’Herville Photography…


I included this because it is one of the most memorable moments of my life… something so beautiful, shared between my husband to be—and me… I loved every minute of it… and relive it, every time I see these amazing photographs.

(photo credit:  Tanya D'Herville Photography)

 SOOOOOO..... why CONSIDER the First Look?

  •  You have more time for amazing, natural light photographs. We had our Ceremony late in the day, in WINTER, and we had to consider the limited amount of light we had left after the ceremony (which was zero!!!).
  • You get to start partying with your Guests sooner—and they don’t have to wait for hours while you’re getting your portraits done. After the ceremony, your Guests are milling around, waiting for you to get your formal photos finished. With the First Look, all of that (including portraits with your Bridal Party) are done before the ceremony. Following the ceremony—we do the Family formals and then you’re free to join your Guests. It’s perfect, for both them (and YOU)
  • The most IMPORTANT thing here is there is much less pressure getting some (if not all) of the photographs done before the ceremony when there is nobody is waiting for you.

It’s win, win, WIN...


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