Personal - Birthday Musings 2015 - Part 1

It occured to me, recently.  Facebook is GREAT.  I get to see what all of my friends are up to, no matter how far the travel.  But...  it quickly comes and goes and I spend so much time scrolling through pages and pages of information trying to find it.

Then...  Epiphany...  the BLOG!!  There is no better place to share my thoughts, musings, inspirations, loves, happinesses...  everything...

It may fall on dead ears.  I not sure of my reach (if any reach at all) but if there is...  please comment (below) so I can see you, too...

I recently had a birthday.  I love birthdays because I'm a LEO...  I've discovered all Leo's love birthdays because we love being the centre of attention - and there's nothing wrong with that.

My earliest memories are my beautiful Grandfather celebrating his birthday with absolute abandon.  He shared his birthday date with his twin brother (who I never saw) and Christmas Eve.  He never cared how old he was or what gifts he received.  What I recall most was his excitement that all the family were gathered and sharing that time with him.

And that is what I've picked up and ran with.  I love spending time with my family and friends.  I love to surround myself with these amazing people and love, laugh and feel joy.  There is no greater gift as I grow a little older, every year.


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